Smart Digital Marketing for Amazon Brands

Amazon sells 7500 items per minute – capture your piece.


We help you see the capacity for profit by making your strategy about the forest, not the trees.

Smart digital marketing goes beyond the obvious words.

“bid management”

“product listing optimization”

“keyword strategy”

“marketplace ranking”


These popular buzzwords are important, but they are just a few parts of a bigger process.

Strategy first, tactical execution second.

Developing a strategy around TACoS offers the perspective of the forest’s capacity & profitability.

Many misuse TACoS as a significant strategy device while the best utilization is as a tactical metric.



[Total Amazon Sales / Ad Spend]
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[Amazon Ad Sales / Ad Spend]

"At JumpFly, we help our clients leverage TACoS as a measure of success for growing their Amazon business. "

-Dan Kurich

How we stack things in your favor for smart Amazon opportunities.

Big or small clients. Scope from 5 to 400,000 products.

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Strategic analysis

means we must occasionally challenge our clients.

Meet Dan. Dan is our Amazon Services Director.

As an experienced leader, Dan brings his degree in Finance and a Master’s in Marketing to help shift a perspective that sees both sides of the coin.

See the case study below, where Dan’s experience led his team to overcome sales plateaus for a client.
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“Managing ad spend to fuel sales and total traffic is the recipe for unlocking your business’s full potential.”

-Dan Kurich    

Our Amazon services team gets fired up about helping growth-minded customers.

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